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LCAC program ONLINE – Certification COF assessment – 15 November-2 December 2021

15 November 2021 - 2 December 2021

After the success of the first ONLINE versions of the acclaimed Leading and Coaching Across Cultures – COF certification seminar, we will offer the seminar again in the same format (6 half-day sessions over 3 weeks) with the same team, Philippe Rosinski assisted by Gregory Rastello and Phek Yen Ng.
The program will take place from 18:30 to 22:00 (CST Shanghai) / 11:30 to 15:00 (CET Brussels) – virtual coffee at 18:15 CST/ 11:15 CET.  The first session will be on the 12th of November.

Click here for more details and to register! Early bird conditions are available and places are limited.

TESTIMONIALS from our participants in the first online edition (October 2020):

A highly recommended seminar, brilliantly delivered by Philippe, Phek and Gregory! It perfectly combines theory and practical applications. You will discover or revisit how powerful culture diversity is and how to leverage it in your coaching and/or leadership to unleash humain potential and achieve a higher performance.
Valerie Guglielmi, China

Reading Philippe’s books is one thing and taking the course with him personally is another thing. Philippe is humble and open and create a space of exchange that takes the participants to another level of understanding of the cultural orientations framework and coaching across cultures. Getting to practice the COF deepens the learning and opens up so many opportunities on how to be a global coach in these new VUCA world. If you believe like me that effective coaching is holistic and should integrate many perspectives to support your clients in their growth journey then you have already embraced Philippe’s global approach and this course is for you.
Linda Bawazir, Thailand

I was looking for a practical and mind-opening tool to work with teams. The COF really has all I need to tap into cultural diversity and leverage on each individual’s potential.
Antonino Faibene, Portugal

I first heard about this seminar in 2013 when I lived in Shanghai, China, but only now was able to take part in it thanks to an online format. I am very satisfied with this course. The richness and depth of the model makes it relevant and applicable by coaches and trainers for helping leaders in MNCs and entrepreneurs in start-ups, for working with teams and organizations in private and public sector and for solving larger societal issues. It is quite a unique framework developed by the world leading intercultural coach for intercultural coaches. I look forward to applying the COF in my coaching work.
Natalia Fey, Finland

Ours was the first online offering of the Cultural Orientations Framework certification program.
Before the program began, we were warmly welcomed into the community by the co-leaders.
We were assigned pre-work that required us to be vulnerable, creative, analytical, and strategic– a perfect introduction to the COF and the cultural complexities it illuminates.
Coming from this common experience, international colleagues stepped into the learning space with curiosity and trust.
Encouraged by all the leaders, over the coming month we built on the initial trust; experienced real-time cross-cultural learning; explored ‘blind spots;’ and reflected on how interventions could broaden understanding and enhance performance.
The Cultural Orientations Framework, with its nuanced dimensions and the holistic, creative approach to cultural learning modelled by Philippe Rosinski and the team, is invaluable for exploring not only team and board diversity but also for gaining essential cultural self-awareness.
Claire Rettie, Canada


15 November 2021
2 December 2021