Global Leadership & Coaching Programs

In our experiential programs, participants have an opportunity to develop their leadership through the integration of multiple perspectives (physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual) in order to achieve sustainable progress and meaningful success. They discover how to tackle their complex challenges in fresh ways and bring their leadership to the next level. They immerse themselves in a powerful learning and potentially life changing experience, while acquiring a solid integrative and cutting-edge theoretical foundation for global leadership development.

Although most of our Global Leadership & Coaching Programs are offered on a customized in-company basis, tailored to the client’s specific context and needs, we are also able to offer our programs on a public basis, typically working in partnership to market and organize these programs.

Each Global Leadership & Coaching Program is much more than a 3-day or 5-day stimulating seminar. The program takes the form of a learning journey that begins weeks before the seminar (pre-work preparation including assessments) and continues afterwards (notably through support and coaching). This allows to convert insights into tangible outcomes, beneficial for the participating executives as well as for their organizations.

The 3-day Global Leadership & Coaching Workshop has been first offered in 2014 in cooperation with Global Coaching Lab in India and the latest workshop took place in Chennai in July 2019.

The 5-day Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) has been first offered in 2017 in cooperation with Principal Coaching in the Czech Republic.

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I think the best decision I took was to come to this Global Leadership & Coaching Workshop. Life is like a race, and you start with On Your Marks, Get Set and then Go. For the longest time I would feel I’m still on Get Set. What I’m taking away from this workshop is that today my GO starts!
Monisha Dewan
CEO & Founder – Everything Sales, India
In my aquaculture operation, we are stuck in the day to day of what needs to be done. We firefight on a daily basis. I never had the chance to reflect or take a helicopter view and try to rationalize people’s behaviors and the weaknesses of the organization. This 3-day workshop really enlightened me from that perspective – there is a science behind management.
Eng. Ahmad Alballaa
Managing Director, National Aquaculture Group, Saudi Arabia
The Global Leadership Development Program is a great combination of profound knowledge, inspiring group & individual exercises, very well prepared materials, interesting guests, and daily sessions in a beautiful venue with fantastic food. But the most important is what Philippe Rosinski has achieved with all of this: I strive to become a better leader.
Piotr Halupczok
Country Leader, Arriva Poland