Global Organizational Development

Working in close collaboration with your organization’s top management and those in charge of organizational development, we help facilitate organizational growth, transformation and integration. In particular, we enable fruitful mergers and acquisitions, by contributing our expertise in intercultural coaching and our unique Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) intercultural assessment tool. We help ensure your mergers and acquisitions do produce the synergy, added value and results they are meant to deliver.

Practically, we help you:

  • Devise the best growth strategy (organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, alliances) taking into account the strategic imperatives as well as the human and cultural realities (We act primarily as coaches rather than consultants here,  bringing however an understanding of the strategic, human and cultural aspects)
  • Contribute to the cultural due diligence process through select interviews and by using the COF assessment
  • Facilitate the integration process, notably by infusing global coaching into the organization. This allows pro-actively leveraging cross-cultural differences and achieving synthesis, instead of destructive polarization.

In the process, we can:

  • Act as coaches, trainers, presenters and consultants,
  • Compose and manage a dedicated team of professionals,
  • Help your organization take advantage of its internal leadership/training/coaching resources.

A high percentage of both alliances and M&As break down prematurely, failing to deliver the expected strategic benefits and inflicting financial damage on both partners. The main reason for failure is the human factor in general and culture in particular. The good news is that you can reverse this trend through proactive and effective management of cultural differences. (Global Coaching, p. 141)

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Philippe Rosinski’s article describes our global organizational development approach in the case of a strategic alliance between a Dutch and a French company, and its outcomes.

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