Global Leadership Development

We help organizations develop the new breed of leadership necessary to achieve sustainable progress and meaningful success, to tackle today’s complex challenges in an increasingly interconnected world. The magnitude of this task should not be overlooked as it often implies the integration of new perspectives and personal transformation.

Beyond helping leaders develop the habitual -yet still essential- leadership competences (e.g., self-awareness, vision, pro-activity, ability to empower and build positive relationships, trustworthiness, productivity, resilience), we promote global leadership.

Global leaders engage their workforce, unleash human potential, and elicit sustainable high performance, enabling organizations to thrive in today’s global arena. They are able to build unity in diversity and to navigate across disciplines. They achieve superior business results while pursuing a higher purpose that includes social and environmental goals. Global leaders are innovative in meeting society’s needs.

Rosinski & Company global leadership development interventions combine the best of traditional leadership development methods with pioneering thinking and approaches. We match the complexity to the requirements of your specific circumstances. We tailor our seminars to your specific context and needs for maximum impact. We are able to draw from a broad range of models, perspectives and a variety of techniques to engage participants for lasting results.

Our interventions involve a series of carefully designed activities destined to help your leaders grow, to effectively serve multiple stakeholders.

  • As consultants, we help you design a leadership development curriculum that reinforces other human resources practices (e.g., selection and promotion policies, recruitment practices, reward system, performance appraisals) to provide optimal alignment with your company’s vision, culture and strategy.
  • As trainers, we deliver custom-designed leadership development programs, combining the best practices of traditional leadership development with novel integrated approaches.
  • As coaches, we complement the training initiatives to ensure leadership development is viewed as a process, providing an ongoing mechanism to facilitate progress over time.

Philippe Rosinski’s latest book Global Coaching highlights several characteristics of global leaders and explains how we can help you develop these global leadership qualities in practice.

WEX engaged Philippe Rosinski to develop the framework for our proprietary Leadership Development program. While completing the extensive needs analysis, Philippe demonstrated a profound understanding of WEX’s business and leadership talent in both their current state and desired future state. The resulting program has targeted WEX’s specific needs, and has resulted in positive reviews from all participants as well as measurable results on behalf of the business. Partnering with Philippe included his co-facilitation on the first two cohorts. His coaching style and willingness to work with participants individually over the course of the program only served to make it richer. WEX’s Integrated Leadership Development Program (the ILDP) is unique in that it builds leaders’ skills holistically. This allows each participant to take away their own individual lessons while the cohorts of WEX leadership grow stronger and better prepared to lead WEX in a unified way. Using Philippe’s books (Global Coaching and Coaching Across Cultures) as foundational material allows these cohorts to bridge cultural differences as WEX continues to expand globally. The leadership framework also informs the development activity across level at WEX; employees, management, and executives alike contribute to WEX’s growth through a common approach and language that is unique to WEX. The results have been consistently positive for both employees and their contributions at WEX.
Alison Soine-Norris
Director Global Learning & Organization Development, WEX, Inc.
Outre son expertise et son professionnalisme, je suis impressionnée par la capacité de Philippe à intégrer les compétences et l'ouverture qu'il prône et enseigne. C'est lors d'une mission sur le terrain que j'ai pu constater l'excellence de son leadership qui s'impose comme une évidence et en fait un role model puissant pour les managers en recherche de leadership.
Benedicte Hersen
International Business Strategy Project Manager, AIRBUS