Keynote Presentations

Philippe Rosinski’s keynote presentations are particularly appreciated for bringing deep and visionary insights, for speaking to the heads, hearts and souls, in a style characterized by authenticity, congruence and lightness. Philippe proposes innovative and integrated approaches to address today’s complex and multidimensional challenges.

His keynote presentations (in English or French) build upon his pioneering books Global Coaching and Coaching Across Cultures, and upon his international experience in coaching executives, facilitating organizational transformations and training professionals.

I truly enjoyed your inspirational keynote presentation. I particularly appreciated your open-mindedness, wonderful energy and brilliant insights. You deeply touched the audience. Thank you!
Lidia D. Czarkowska
Ph.D., Coaching Centre Director, Leon Kozminski University (Warsaw, Poland)
I would like to thank you for your recent contribution to the AMED/EMCC conference. The event was an enormous success and your contribution certainly added to the conference’s high ratings. You not only write superb books but are also a greatly gifted speaker!
David Megginson (on behalf of the Conference Planning Group)
Professor of HRD at Sheffield Hallam University, Chairman of IDM Group
Encore bravo pour ton intervention à l’Ichec. Tu as magnifiquement élevé un débat qui a philosophiquement interpellé tous les participants.
Alain Goudsmet
Directeur de l’Ecole Supérieure de Coaching (Ichec-Entreprises), Directeur de l’European Institute for Health and Performance.
We invited Philippe as a keynote /thought leader to share his wisdom and insights at Radical Conversations to a worldwide community of coaches. Philippe is motivated from a place of integrity and core values, not to mention his extensive professional experience. He is most definitely a leading light in the field of global coaching and the content he shared was most impressive. He inspired our audience to really begin to think more expansively about the global environment. I would highly recommend Philippe as a speaker if you want to create a thought provoking environment that really gives your audience the rocket fuel they need to take their coaching to a global level!
Jayne Warrilow
Founder of Coaches Business School, Business & Executive Coach, Author