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Rosinski & Company’s mission is to help leaders, teams and organizations unleash their human potential to achieve high performance together with high fulfillment, in the service of multiple stakeholders including society at large.

Its principal, Philippe Rosinski, has pioneered a global approach to coaching that leverages multiple perspectives for greater creativity, impact and meaning. The Harvard Business School chose his groundbreaking book Coaching Across Cultures as its featured book recommendation in the category of business leadership. His book Global Coaching has been described as “having moved the art and science of coaching to a new level”.

We typically cooperate with select organizational clients in the context of long-term partnerships, and in the service of multiple stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and society at large.

We collaborate with a growing international network of top-notched partners and professionals. We constitute dedicated global teams of experts to serve our clients. We also work together with several renowned universities across the globe.

We provide advanced global leadership and coaching training programs for executives, managers, HR Professionals, coaches, trainers, consultants and interculturalists.

We are committed to keep contributing to the advancement of global coaching for human, leadership, organization and societal development. We strive to help raise the field of global coaching to new frontiers. Global coaching is invaluable for fostering productive behaviors, constructive relationships, and a new consciousness made of integration, unity in diversity, and sustainable success. We are dedicated to helping people connect with their sense of power, responsibility and choice, live with purpose and joy, and unleash their potential to achieve meaningful objectives. In business, it is our experience that this pragmatic humanism ultimately serves all stakeholders. To bring about and to enrich our contribution, we are committed to develop select partnerships and collaborations.