Online Global Coaching Masterclass

We are pleased to announce our new online Global Coaching Masterclass, offered in cooperation with Global Coaching Lab.

This course based on Philippe Rosinski’s seminal book “Global Coaching” is for leaders, executives, managers, and coaches. The course focuses on six interconnected perspectives ranging from the physical to the spiritual to achieve meaningful and sustainable success amid our complex and changing world.

Click HERE to find our more and to access the masterclass.  You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

I am very happy that I have completed the online course called ``Global coaching masterclass with Philippe Rosinski`` delivered by the author Philippe Rosinski supported by Global Coaching Lab.
This course is designed in a very professional and attractive way and at the same time has the concept that is very simple to follow and have a lot of interesting real life examples. I discovered 6 perspectives of leading and coaching and I am planning to implement some tips for myself including them in my goals for 2022!
After each module you can find very valuable questions that you can ask yourself and plan your own future development. Thank you Philippe a lot for sharing very important insights in this course and inspiring me even more 😊!
Kateryna Chwiszczuk
How great it is to go through a book, led by his author in a master class! The Global Coaching Masterclass by Philippe Rosinski and Global Coaching Lab is a very interesting and practical masterclass that offers new perspectives, taking many aspects into account from physical to managerial, psychological, political, cultural, and spiritual. This Global Coaching Masterclass is for professional coaches as well as for leaders and anyone interested in deploying our human potential.
Bérengère Ligthart-Gleyze

Upon completing the course,
receive a course completion certificate