Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) Assessment

The COF assessment facilitates the understanding of salient cultural characteristics for individuals, teams and organizations.

User friendly, straightforward, highly flexible and customizable, reasonably priced, the COF assessment is an ideal tool for individual coaching, leadership development, intercultural training, team coaching and organizational cultural audits.

Preferred choice for many users


We selected Rosinski’s COF as a conceptual framework and primary assessment tool for several reasons (cultural categories transcend typical categorization, team profile can be utilized for future initiatives, cost effectiveness...). Other models were considered, however the COF framework seemed particularly designed for coaches to have coaching conversations that facilitate leveraging cultural differences and creating new possibilities.
Dr. C Carr PCC and L Seto, PCC (Canada)
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

Multidimensional and flexible



With its 17 dimensions (more can be added on a custom basis), the COF allows us to become aware of our inevitable biases (e.g., how we communicate, think, manage time, organize ourselves, deal with power and responsibility), and to go beyond potentially limiting norms, values and beliefs. The COF allows discovery of new options to increase versatility, creativity and effectiveness. Its underlying dynamic and inclusive view of culture, enables us to build unity in diversity by leveraging cultural differences.

Different scope from traditional intercultural assessment tools

While still allowing comparison of individual profile with various national cultures, the COF assessment has a much broader scope. The COF assessment aims at helping individuals grow by learning from cultural differences of various kinds. Culture here consists of all the characteristics we have acquired along the way, by interacting with various groups of people and being part of different cultural groups (family, generation, profession, company, country, religion, etc.). The COF™ assessment can be viewed as an equivalent, at the cultural level, to a personality assessment such as the MBTI®.

The COF assessment is available in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.