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Leading and Coaching Across Cultures Seminar Series – Institute of Coaching (Harvard University) – 3 Oct – 21 Nov 2023

3 October 2023 - 21 November 2023

We are happy to announce the “Leading and Coaching Across Cultures” seminar series in cooperation with the Institute of Coaching McLean, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

The seminar includes six 60/90 minute sessions between the 3 October and 21 November 2023. Click HERE for more information and to register!

You will learn to systematically integrate culture into your coaching with individuals, teams, and organizations to make the most of alternative cultural perspectives for expanded awareness, greater creativity, and increased unity.

Traditional coaching has implicitly reflected particular norms, values and basic assumptions that do not necessarily hold true universally. However, from notions of time to patterns of communication, all human endeavors are influenced by culture. Building upon Philippe Rosinski’s seminal book “Coaching Across Cultures”, this seminar will allow you to weave culture into your coaching practice so it can become fully effective in today’s intercultural environment. Moreover, you will discover how intercultural coaching can be positioned in the context of an even more ambitious vision for coaching, which also integrates physical, managerial, psychological, political and spiritual perspectives.

You will become familiar with the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF), a roadmap to navigate the cultural terrain. While still allowing comparison of individual profiles with various national cultures, the COF assessment has a much broader scope. It aims at helping individuals grow by learning from cultural differences of various kinds. Culture here consists of all the characteristics we have acquired along the way, by interacting with various groups of people and being part of different cultural groups (family, generation, profession, company, country, religion, etc.). The COF assessment can be viewed as an equivalent, at the cultural level, to a personality assessment such as the MBTI®.