Leadership, Team
and Organizational Development

We offer a unique integrated multiple-perspective approach to leadership, team and organizational development, which generates genuine engagement, promotes higher creativity, and results in greater impact than traditional methods.

Executive Coaching

We help executives to take full advantage of their qualities and to overcome pitfalls that may hinder their effectiveness, in the pursuit of challenging and meaningful objectives.

Executive Team Coaching

We help executive teams to achieve sustainable high performance and to effectively serve their multiple stakeholders, by raising awareness, developing trust, leveraging differences, sharpening interpersonal communications and fostering commitment (among other tailored aims).

Global Leadership Development

Through a combination of consulting, customized training and coaching, we help organizations develop the new breed of leadership necessary to tackle today’s complex challenges, and to achieve sustainable and meaningful success.

Global Organizational Development

We facilitate organizational growth and transformation, and promote integration. In particular, our intercultural coaching expertise helps ensure M&As and Acquisitions do produce the synergy, added value and results they are meant to deliver.

Academy of Global Leadership & Coaching

We provide advanced global leadership and coaching open training programs for executives, managers, HR Professionals, coaches, trainers, consultants and interculturalists.
These programs are offered in collaboration with our international partners and with select universities across the globe.
Our flagship program is the acclaimed Leading and Coaching Across Cultures / Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) certification seminar, available in English, French and Spanish.
Our high-impact Global Leadership Development Program is also available for organizations, associations, and academic institutions, in a standard or customized version.
We are also pleased to share complimentary resources with you: Philippe’s webinars, articles, guides.

Leading & Coaching Across Cultures / Cultural Orientations Framework Certification Seminars

Global Leadership & Coaching Programs

International Partners

International Universities Collaborations

Resources Freely Available

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Philippe Rosinski’s books


Integrative Coaching Supervision
Philippe offers a novel and powerful integrated coaching supervision approach. He is uniquely qualified to supervise experienced coaches. Individual supervision can take place via teleconference (e.g., Skype) or face-to-face (Brussels area). Group coaching supervision can also be organized.
Keynote presentations
Philippe is regularly invited to speak at international conferences.
“I truly enjoyed your inspirational keynote presentation. I particularly appreciated your open-mindedness, wonderful energy and brilliant insights. You deeply touched the audience. Thank you!” Lidia D. Czarkowska, Ph.D., Coaching Centre Director, Poland
Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) Assessment
The COF assessment facilitates the understanding of salient cultural characteristics for individuals, teams and organizations. User friendly, straightforward, highly flexible and customizable, reasonably priced, the COF assessment is an ideal tool for individual coaching, leadership development, intercultural training, team coaching and organizational cultural audits.